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May. 28th, 2012 02:35 am
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I am out of the country on official business. All queries that can shall be handled by Queen Emile in my absence. In the event that it is imperative that I be consulted I can be contacted directly through Minister Noishe.


His Royal Majesty King Albert of Serdio
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She fell, like a star, she and her beloved together, and I watched them, and I ached. They had been reunited, after eleven thousand years the impossible had become reality, inevitability had played itself out. Now they were going to their deaths, deaths which should have claimed them both thousands of years ago in, as she said, deep antiquity. I watched them fall together into their end, and in that moment my mind was no longer at the Divine tree alongside my allies, but thousands of miles away, in the land of Tiberoa, with a young woman, fair skinned and blonde haired. Emille. Princess Emille. I had been enchanted by her when we met; I had felt that she was a beautiful soul and intelligent mind that I could spend the rest of my days ruling beside. But it was not until this moment, when Rose and Zieg fell into eternity, that I knew it.

Emille, my star, I am coming home.


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Disclaimer: The Legend of Dragoon and all characters mentioned herein are copyright Sony Entertainment
Wordcount: 166
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The first time I saw her in action she was saving my life. Not just her of course, Lavitz was there, along with the others: Dart, Shana, and Haschel. At the time I had been more concerned with the fact that one of my former council members was magically forcing my family’s heirloom out of my body where it had been hidden when I was a child. The process was quite painful, so I excuse myself the lapse in observational awareness at the time. In retrospect, however, I recall seeing her there.

She was beautiful.

I say this with all due respect to her, and the assurance to any who might read this that I was never attracted to Rose in any way. She was beautiful the way a symphony is beautiful, the way a masterwork painting is beautiful, the way a sword crafted by a master smith is beautiful.

She was quick and lithe; every movement she made was carefully calculated. No energy she exerted was wasted with unnecessary movements. Not like Dart. He was slower, more powerful yes, but sloppier as well. I would come to find that Rose’s entire being was a honed weapon. Her skill with the blade was remarkable, but she also had a sharp wit and a keen mind. She was an excellent tactician and she knew much of the world, even more so than I, though that was hardly surprising once she had revealed the truth of herself.

We were never close, she and I, but I find that I look back to her for inspiration now that she is gone. I sometimes think to myself: what would Rose say? What would she do? What insights might she have? And I find it helps, attempting to think the way she might have thought.


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Disclaimer: The Legend of Dragoon and all characters mentioned herein are copyright Sony Entertainment
Wordcount: 300

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That moment, that strange exhilarating, terrifying moment. There is power in the wind that whips around him, power the likes of which few Humans will ever know. He is humbled to be one of them. The hurricane surrounds him, embracing his form like a lover when it would tear any other man to shreds. He welcomes it. It whispers and he moves with it. It changes him, fills him with its own raw essence and transforms him into something else. No longer human, not quite dragon, this ethereal element is his to command. It alights against his skin, rushes through his wings. He takes hold of it, directs it outward, it rushes around him, through him. He is the eye of the storm.

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Rose said once that war was not the natural state of being for humans or dragons. She said in order to fight we entered a kind of insanity and bent that insanity to our will. She worried we would not be strong enough to endure it one day. She endured it for over ten thousand years. All on her own, with only the memories of friends long dead for company. Perhaps at some point she did go a little mad. For the longest time she did not smile or laugh or even speak when it was not necessary. But with us she slowly found her smile, her humanity.

I have faced the insanity she spoke of, every time I embrace the power of the Dragoon Spirit I feel it rise within me, but could I survive in the face of it for a millennium? For ten? Rose's spirit was enormous, and while we were not close, I still hold her in the highest regard. It is her example that I look to as a warrior and as a king, and I hope that if ever I had to walk in her shoes that I would overcome it, and be inspired.

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